Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Major Hassle

Every once in a while something rarely seen shows up and that was the case with this Marshall Major. It's a 200w guitar amp head with a minimum of circuitry, kinda like a one channel Bassman with a 200w power section.

It's quite heavy and most of the weight is concentrated at one end which makes it awkward to move around. As a result I've got tennis elbow and a sore back after jackassing it out to the truck, into the house, out to the truck, back into the house for something I forgot, back in the truck and back to where it came from.

All that was necessary was to remove the so called "death cap" and disable the line reverse switch. The owner wanted it all documented so I took photos all the way along and put them on a CD for him.

It gave me a chance to dig out my AC43-13 aviation manual and brush up on my wire bundle lacing technique which I hadn't done since A&P school back in 1980. I had a spool of waxed lacing cord on my workbench courtesy of McDonnell Douglas, and it was a matter of a few minutes of happy reading to remember how to do the ties and knots. For safety's sake I put a little clear nail polish on each tie that was so tastefully executed.

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