Monday, December 24, 2012

Danelectro DS100 Schematic

Folks, here's something that I found in the back of the Neptune Bound book by Tulloch. Most of us get by with the schematic for the Silvertone 1485 amp which is similar but not identical.

The DS100 uses a split chassis instead of having everything on one hunk of metal.This schematic will prove useful if you are working on one and trying to figure out where the two octal connectors-the one between the chasses and the one to the six speakers-go to. Aside from the fact that they call the same circuit a tremolo on one amp and a vibrato on the other, the DS100 and the 1485 are pretty similar.

This picture is of the very amp I'm working on, and it came from Springfield, Illinois. You can see more pictures here . I actually got a phone call from this fellow when my friend Justin arrived on my doorstep with this amp, which looks an awful lot like an Easter Island stone head.

The excavation is going to begin shortly, and I can't wait to see what's inside.

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