Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rat Rod Bassman

As promised here is a photo tour of what may have been the ugliest Bassman I've seen lately. It had been brush painted black, and then covered with some revolting light green vinyl. Then came the Floods of 1993 and this amp got a soaking. A friend of mine committed to rehabilitating it for the owner who is a local player down around Burlington. It's a 5F6 circa 1957.

Originally I was on board to reassemble and overhaul the chassis,, and  and it sat for a while until my friend informed me that he was moving south of here a ways and wanted to get this amp back to the owner.
So he asked me to kind of pull the whole thing together. The speakers were pretty well trashed and two were beyond repair so out of my collection came 2 C10Ps that came out of a barn find Standel and seemed in pretty good shape.

That took a bit of yesterday and today. The ears of the cabinet where the chassis screws go through were a little weak so some 5 minute epoxy, poured in and set did the job. I had to fabricate a couple speaker leads and install a handle I had kicking around here.

It sounds pretty good but does need a set of new or reconed speakers to bring out all its primal glory.

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