Saturday, January 10, 2015

Repurposing an Ampeg SJ12T, part 2

The next project has been constructing a circuit board for the repurposed SJ12T, loosely based on a 6G3 Deluxe.

I had a bunch of circuit boards populated with parts from the Judybox Amps garage sale that was had down in Austin a few years ago, along with some other odds and ends that came from the sale.

Part of the repurposing was figuring out the power supply.

The original Ampeg power transformer delivered about 400v of B+, and that was based on a full wave configuration with no center tap, all solid state rectification. The transformer itself is a St. Louis Music item that I've seen in a couple of Crate VC50 amps, which was punishing 4 EL84s in that application. It looks about the same size as a Deluxe Reverb power transformer, but with the full wave setup and no rectifier winding. It does have a bias winding, and what looks like a 12v center tapped supply which gives filament voltage as well as +/- 7 volts for some sort of solid state dog waste.

Aligned with that task was starting a circuit board. I cleaned off all the crap from
one of the Judybox boards, and installed eyelets along each side. Loading the components-all the tone, volume, phase inversion material from the 6G3 circuit plus the full wave bridge and bias supply pretty much used up all the real estate and identified some center holes that need eyelets plus a couple that need drilling. Power supply capacitor tasks will be taken care of by a JJ 40-20-20-20 can that I have not yet installed. The capacitance is a bit higher than the original 6G3 but not radically so.

What to do with the remaining hole in the panel? A presence control can be added.

The last issue will be figuring out how well or not well the octal preamp tubes will work with this circuit and the changes I've made to it. Some study of a few older Ampegs that use octal preamps like the M12 and M15 may give some clues to the voltages that will be needed.

After the octal sockets were installed I ditched the blue neon pilot light for a regular Fender style pilot light and wired up the sockets. That's where I stopped.

More to come as I do some more work on it later on in the week.

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