Friday, May 29, 2015

Blackstar HT100 Barbecue: Replacing The Tube Board.

I'd worked on this Blackstar HT100 head a while ago and it has served its owner well for the last few years. I'm not entirely sure how the story goes but it is said that a beer got spilled on/in it but who knows?

Either way it had a major cookout which lunched the tube board. Lucky for me it is a separate piece of hardware AND there was available a schematic for the tube board.

On the other hand, the tube board is made of unobtainium. My first thought had been to get a new tube board but that was out of the question.

Looking at the diagram it seemed that I could hand wire it ala Marshall and then I'd figure out how to connect it to the main board. So I installed four ceramic sockets and started in on the wiring and resistors and hookup wire.

When I got to connecting the tube board to the main board, removing the molex connectors was going to be problematic because they're glued to the board. I decided to make loops in the ends of the hookup wires, and lucky me, there was enough separation so that I wasn't going to have problems with bridging.

I finished the wiring today and it powered up the first time. So tonight I'll let it have a slow simmer and see how it goes.

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