Monday, September 21, 2015

Peavey Weirdness, Redux part 2.

After having spent the last couple of months fruitlessly looking for a Peavey all-tube Vintage, a voice in my head said, "Hey you! Yeah you. Glassy eyed lounge lizard. That's right. If you want one of these, why not build it yourself?"

After a little thought and study I realized I could build a 5F8A high powered tweed twin and shoehorn it into an only slightly larger Bassman cabinet and accomplish the objective of creating a ridiculously powerful guitar amp in a 4x10 package. I mean, they're the same as an uprated 5F6A Bassman, right down to the components and eyelet board-which I had already built some time ago. There is only one minor difference between the circuit boards which is a smallish resistor.

Of course this project has to be funded on a pay as you go basis, which means that the iron, the cabinet, and the speakers will have to be ordered and paid for out of the sales of my Vox AC30CC2 and my Bogner Alchemist 2x12. and the amps I already have for sale on craigslist. The chassis arrived here from Mojo, and I have the circuit board, new old stock tube sockets (Amphenol military and Cinch shielded) plenty of fine glassware, small parts, jacks and capacitors so I have some work to do.

The proprietor of the shop where I buy cabinets is working on a similar idea and he says that one of his customers, Sligo amps, has built these in the past but they're very expensive and  do not enjoy a great following. I may sound them out for their opinions.

I haven't thought of a name for it yet and Super Bassman is already taken, so that is also going to need some thought.I've added some snaps from the preliminary buildup.

Film at 11, as they say.

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