Monday, May 16, 2016

Bassman 50 update

One thing I've always wondered about was whether a Bassman could accept a tube rectifier. I had a chance to try that out after replacing all the Paktron blue blob caps with Mojotone Dijons.

As it happened I had a Super Reverb power transformer from a reissue sitting on the shelf and it is a drop in fit with 5v rectifier windings. It was simple enough to drill a hole, mount a socket, and wire it up. I cut the original diode bridge off and left the bias setup after overhauling it with a new diode, resistor and capacitor.

It powered right up with a GZ34 in the place of honor, delivering 445v on the plates and I set the bias at a nice solid 38 ma each side.

Whether it was worth the effort is another story but we shall see, after I drop in a 5R4. 

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