Friday, May 6, 2011

Crates Are Good For Something After All

The Judybox output transformer on the Redhead was acting a little strange, so I decided to change it out. What was happening was in measuring plate voltage one side was OK but the other would make my multimeter go crazy and drop off line. It also made a lot of audio noise at the same time.

After looking around the place and interviewing several likely prospects I settled on the output transformer from a Crate TV6212 amp that I bought for some reason that escapes me, and that has become something of a parts bank.

You can see from the picture that it's got a bit more metal than the unmarked Judybox iron alongside of it, and it is an American made as well, from before SLM got bought out and the new owners got the yen for Viet Nam and other mesne places. Once the extra holes were drilled and it was secure and wired up, the voltages started acting normal again.

It's about the same piece of iron as a Bassman output, so I'm calling this a stage II mod-upgrading the output iron.


  1. did the transformer swap help lose the hum that these amps seem to have

  2. I've basically rebuilt both my Judybox Revivals with a lot of better quality components, matched power tubes and tidied up the lead dress too. They're both pretty quiet. I may yet replace the power supply capacitors with F&Ts.