Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Redhead Power Supply

Here's a look at the Redhead with the Stage 1 power supply mods completed, the tube sockets replaced, the diode protection mod on the rectifier tube and the Fender style pilot light assembly installed.

I've yet to remediate the grounding scheme and replace the power receptacle.

I did remove a number of slabs of ....hard to describe-aluminum foil backed with very sticky, thick rubbery asphalt that had been attached to the inside of the chassis. There is some other schmutz in the corners of the chassis that has to go. Interestingly this amp came from Corpus Christi, Texas and its life in a shore environment showed up in the surface corrosion I found.

I've noticed that the output transformer is a bit odd-one side shows vP as it should but the other side is lower by about 15 volts and it makes my multimeter go crazy at the same time. I do have a nice old Thordarson 25w output transformer that I may swap into place for fun, or maybe I'll shop around for something interesting-I do have a nifty 30w transformer from an organ....but if the idea is to develop a series of product improvement mods maybe I'd better stick to commercial items.

I've also noticed that there are some differences between Brownie and the Redhead on the circuit board component choices. As the goal is to make the Redhead sound like Brownie, I'm likely to bring this amp back to that build standard. At this point I've nearly completed a circuit board map.

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