Saturday, February 2, 2013

Some Needed Clarification

Other than the name, the proprietor of this blog has no connection with the original Judybox debacle or any of the people involved. If you think it does it's a case of mistaken identity. I do have six circuit boards and a power transformer from the Judybox garage sale but that's it. There were rumors of a notebook full of technical type stuff but that trail petered out. Anyway the Revival is a very simple amp and the Hooligan is about the same, only it has EL34s.

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Prairie Dawg "is" Judybox? I remember hearing about Judybox. Weren't there some TGP threads?
Just so everyone's clear, that's an adopted name.

The suspects from THAT debacle (which I have no connection to) have disappeared down a rathole although I'd be glad to help anyone with what little I know about the amps.

Some of my early posts are on the subject of the Judybox meltdown. It piqued my professional interest because it is a story that seems to be repeated over and over and over again around here. Someone builds a few amps, people like them, maybe they show up at NAMM, they take a whole bunch or orders and of course they don't have the dough to build them or never intended to, so they take people's front money and then they crash and burn and all but a lucky few get nothing. Pyramid scheme? It lends itself to it.

I got a Judybox amp because my wife is named Judy and I thought it would be a good gag for her to come home from work and see her box in the living room.

I liked the name, found it wasn't copyrighted, and staked it out. Since then it's a vehicle for my rants.

The  other point of information if you've read this far is this. Anything you do with any of the information presented here is strictly your own responsibility.

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