Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bassman Hack

Here's an interesting Bassman a friend of mine recently acquired and sent over for service. According to the tube chart it is an AA864 but it's a hybrid between the AA864 and AB165 layouts. Well, nevermind.

What's interesting is the hack somebody laid on it. I guess the idea was to be able to run a tape player through it or something. I really do not think the guy knew what he was doing and it looked pretty nasty-not to mention he had the plate supply going through these pots whatever they were supposed to do. And a redplating power tube.  And some extra high quality soldering of the grounds. But nevermind.

It all came out easily enough, it got serviced and recapped, new power tubes and plate load resistors, and things were reassembled According To Leo. Some plastic plugs from the local hardware store were the best I could do with the drilled out holes on the back panel.

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