Saturday, March 24, 2018

When Vintage Was Vintage part III-Unobtainium Pots

I completed the Peavey Vintage today and surprise of surprises the reverb actually worked with a 4EB tank installed.

But first there was the problem of the pots. The volume, treble, bass and presence pots were all bad enough that the usual methods of cleaning were of no avail. There was a loud thump about half way up on the bass control, the presence control was pretty much jammed up with a bunch of Duco cement or other fine adhesive, and all this would cause some uncomfortable symptoms when monitoring current.

The pots were pretty conventional except for the method of attachment to the circuit board as these were some sort of primitive snap in controls. I thought about it for a while while I was pulling the board and then I had it,

I took a few resistors and cut the leads off them, removed the offending pots, cleaned out the holes, bent a right angle in the wire lead and soldered them to the board. Then, these leads could be inserted into a conventional Alpha pot of the proper value, soldered up, and then the surplus wire was trimmed off.


So if you're working on one of these old bombs, there's your fix.

Here's the rest of the innards with two nice new 6C10s.

How's it sound with a nice fresh set of JJ 6L6GCs?

Clean and loud. The reverb's not as wet and drippy as you might find in a Fender of similar age but it is reasonable enough considering. I think I may locate a set of new jacks and install them to lower the noise a bit-some nice plastic Cliff jacks might just lower the noise threshhold a bit.

Now all that's necessary is to scratch up the cash for a cabinet and this one can go in the Done file.

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